The Bazhenov Brothers Furniture company has launched a new Alba 4 bed into mass production

Now the direction is very popular when geometric pattern is used in furniture design. We are constantly monitoring new trends and using them in our new developments.

Meet our new bed model - Alba 4. The accent of the bed was its unique backrest. It is made of diagonal lines arranged in a mirror image. The backrest is soft and comfortable.

The design of the bed is carefully worked out. The base of the bed is made with an increased number of slats, which qualitatively improves the orthopedic effect. The distance between the slats is reduced, as a result of which the mattress has a better support, and its service life will be longer. In addition, the slats have an additional degree of freedom, which allows you to adapt more clearly to the load. Also in the back area there is a segment of double lamellae, which can be adjusted according to the degree of elasticity to suit your own preferences in comfort.

Alba 4 is equipped with a lifting mechanism of the base, under which there is a roomy laminated storage box.

The model has a large size range in width from 90cm to 2m.