A new "Space Lux" model has been put into mass production

"Space Lux" is a modular sofa based on new principles of comfort. It so happened that the world of upholstered furniture is quite conservative in the organization of convenience when placing a person on the sofa. Sofas have a seat and a backrest. When developing the Space Suite, he was endowed with a different, more modern anatomy of comfort – the seat and back are a single monolithic structure. Such an innovative solution has become a decisive factor in reaching new heights of comfort. It's as if you are pouring into the sofa and feel its continuous support from your feet to your head.

The perfect ergonomics of the model is set by the special profile of the seat and back of the sofa. It is perfectly complemented by a specially designed design of soft fillers. Such solutions together create unearthly comfort.

A world of new sensations awaits you together with the modular Space Lux system.