New compact corner sofa "Forward"

We are pleased to inform you that from today we will launch a new model of the compact sofa "Forward" into mass production.

Forward is a lightweight compact youth sofa for the living room. When creating this model, it was possible to achieve a balanced combination of small overall dimensions, modern design and functionality. The optimal dimensions of the model are due to a thoughtful combination of thin, laconic sidewalls and a simple, reliable dolphin mechanism. Geometric elegant stitching on the back, seats and sidewalls forms a modern image and adds order to the interior.

When unfolded, the sofa transforms not only into a spacious sleeping place, but also a wide comfort zone where your friends can comfortably sit, as on a large canapé.

The main advantage of the Forward is that it embodies the best of the 2 most common configurations: a corner sofa and a sofa with a canape. The backrest, smoothly flowing onto the side of the canape, makes it possible to use it as an armchair module in the corner version of the sofa.

It is easy to maintain cleanliness and order — high legs (100 mm) made of natural wood will provide free access for cleaning, and you will not have to move the sofa for this. A spacious and practical laminated box with ventilation is provided for storing things in the canapé.

Forward is a thoughtful solution for compact living rooms with the maximum set of advantages.

The placement of orders is already open.