New sofa "Miami 2"

Being a leader is not easy, you need to constantly correspond to current trends, be relevant.
Today we present you an updated model of a well-proven sofa - "Miami 2".

Miami 2 is synonymous with comfort and respectable rest. When creating an interior, you don't have to choose between different models. You can create your own sofa design using seven sidewall options.

It is difficult to imagine the modern understanding of comfort without robotic mechanisms that help us in everything day and night. Press the button and the SleepTronic transformation mechanism will arrange for you a comfortable, level sleeping place for a night's rest. Bedding and other things can be stored here, in the sofa – it is equipped with spacious laminated boxes under the seats.

In the evening, you can relax in a recliner chair with an integrated adaptive comfort system. And while spending time with friends talking, do not forget about the built-in pull-out bar with holders of drinks, glasses and a lacquered countertop.

We accept orders right now.