New chair "Unico"

The modern trend in the development of interiors is focused on compact rooms. The ergonomics of such
spaces is improved by increasing the functionality of objects of small shapes. It is the details that play a key
role here and determine the atmosphere of the space.
The Unico chair is the perfect solution for such a case. It embodies a lot of advantages that people dream of. The unique ergonomics of the chair lies in the correct combination of the seat position, backrest tilt, head support and comfortable height of the armrests. A special component of comfort is a decorative pillow that supports the lower back and creates a feeling of maximum relaxation. The backrest has a special shape, which provides convenient lateral support.
An interesting solution for Unico was a round table, which is elegantly integrated into the overall concept of the model. Its calculated dimensions allow you to sit comfortably in an armchair both over a cup of coffee and when working with a laptop.
In addition, exclusive prints for the fabric were developed especially for this model, from which the designers of the factory create unique images of the chair.
Looking at it, you realize how many simple and complex solutions are embodied in it at the same time, so that you can fully feel the pleasure of comfort.