Opening of an updated corporate salon in Pyatigorsk

On September 16, the opening of the updated branded salon "Furniture of the Bazhenov brothers" took place in Pyatigorsk.

Our official dealer in Pyatigorsk has been working with the factory for more than 10 years. The staff of the salon consistently confirms the high standards of work and shows excellent results. In the summer months, on the eve of the season, large-scale work was carried out to expand the exhibition space, update the interior and model range in order to welcome guests in a qualitatively new environment in September. The catalog of models of the Bazhenov Brothers Furniture factory impresses with its assortment and is very diverse, so the updated salon with an area of more than 200 sq.m. provides an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the factory at the maximum level.

The company's showroom is located in the largest specialized shopping center, which presents the best furniture factories in Russia and European countries. Its building stands out for its modern architecture, decorated with glass facades.

We invite you to the updated branded salon "Bazhenov brothers Furniture" in Pyatigorsk, located in the specialized shopping center "Trading House "TL", Ermolova str., 40, building 1.

Feel the high level of comfort of the models from the Bazhenov Brothers Furniture factory and take advantage of our special offers.