Opening of the branded salon "Bazhenov brothers Furniture" in Vladivostok, Borodino shopping center

Our company is moving forward, continues to develop and discover new regions.

This month, another first-class branded salon "Bazhenov Brothers Furniture" opened in Vladivostok. On April 8, we opened the doors of a new salon for our customers in the specialized furniture shopping center "Borodino". The shopping center is qualitatively distinguished by its interior solutions. The new salon on a large area presents the most current models and the latest novelties of the factory.

Russian-made furniture has always been in demand in our country. This is especially noticeable now. Our customers trust Russian factories more, as there is confidence that the order is guaranteed to be completed and delivered. We know about this not only from our customers, but also see it from sales. The new salon started accepting orders from the first day of work, which have already begun to be manufactured at the factory and will soon be sent to their new owners.

We are waiting for you in the new MBB salon.