Bazhenov Brothers Furniture is a reliable partner

20 yearshard work
9salons at opening state
Reliable furniture supplier
Warranty! Quality and reliability of furniture!

Franchise benefits

30 daysto start a business *
0 rub of royaltyno monthly payments
1 450 000 rubneed to run a profitable business
0 rub lump sumno franchise fee
400 000 rub incomeaverage monthly income *
365 days a yearadvertising support
90 daysproject payback period *

Benefits of cooperation

Training franchisees and employeesAll our experience for you. We will conduct professional training, introducing you to all the nuances of business. Prepare for 100% successful opening of the salon. A personal consultant will help resolve any issues related to increasing store sales, staff training, cost optimization, and other similar issues throughout the entire cooperation.
Low business entry risksDo not worry. Opening a new business is always exciting. Minimum staff and customized nature of the trade will reduce costs. When opening the furniture salon, 70% of the investment goes to the acquisition of exhibition furniture samples. In the most extreme case, you can always sell furniture and return a large part of the investment.
Selection of premises for key criteriaTogether we will choose the best place. Using years of experience, rental specialists will tell you at which point of sale is higher. They will analyze the competitive environment, analyze the rental rates in your city and select the best premises. We will draw up a design project and give recommendations on repair and decoration. Lawyers will help to conclude a lease agreement with the landlord.
Advertising supportWe all thought out. The company brand book contains mockups of all the necessary materials: signs, signs, price tags, brochures and flyers. On a convenient site, your potential customers will always receive information about current collections, dimensions of models and will be able to ask your question.
Package of standards and instructionsNo need to invent anything and order with the franchise you will receive a detailed brand book, quality certificates for products and technical documentation with a detailed description of each model. The package includes a corporate sales book containing training for staff, a guide for the sale of each model, as well as templates for all the necessary documents for work: contracts and acts that will make your work easy and convenient


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